You can download the cover letter for my application to Industrus Engineering's Graduate Program here

Tony Le

Recruitment Manager
Industrus Engineering

RE: Graduate Engineers Required by Industrus

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am writing to you to apply for the graduate engineering position at Industrus Engineering, with my qualification as a Mechatronic engineer. I am particularly interested in your Graduate Program because I believe that not only can I further develop my professional skills with the program, I can also be a valuable inclusion to the team, and company. With my technical backgrounds and accumulated transferable skills, I think that I can fulfil the selection criteria that were listed.

  • A commitment to ethical conduct and the highest standards of professional accountability (3.1)

I have strictly kept my work ethics and have also attained the highest levels of professional responsibility throughout all my work placements. I have had more than one year of experience working as a tutor at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). I have rarely been late for classes, both face-to-face and online in the current situation, and when I do, have always informed the subject coordinator and peers at least a day before.

Being a tutor while studying also means that I have had students in my class who were my friends, or fellow students that I know. And from time to time they have asked me for favours that would violate university rules and be considered misconducts. In these situations, I have managed to stay professional, making sure to give them the same information and guidance as other students in the class. My actions include talking to them in English instead of our native language so that others can also understand and consulting my supervisor when I was unsure if my measures would be appropriate.

As a result, I was promoted from a casual position to one of the primary tutors and have been permitted to help mark students’ assignments and final exams.

  • Demonstrated ability to effectively communicate both with other engineers and with stakeholders from different fields. (3.2)

During the period of 6 months at my most recent position at Presien, I have demonstrated my communicational skills while working with engineers with vastly different specialities and stakeholders. My position as an integration engineer also helped with achieving this, as my job required me to work with field engineers, hardware engineers, and software developers. Using Atlassian collaboration tools, I was able to give and receive tasks. I often develop software to fix problems that were reported by customers, double-checking with them to make sure the fixes work, and assign feature requests to app developers and conduct tests with them to create fluent hardware-software systems.

  • The ability to engage with a creative, innovative, and proactive environment (3.3)

With the current situation of COVID-19 and social distancing, most of my work has been moved to online and other work-from-home solutions. I believe I have adapted to these circumstances relatively well, utilising tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Slack to achieve the same level of productivity as before. Instead of face-to-face consultations, now I talk to students online, helping them with assignments and answer questions. The results from the recent Early Feedback Survey (EFS) from UTS has shown that students thought that the transition to online teaching of the subject I am tutoring was executed well; with multiple responses praising the helpfulness of tutors.

  • Demonstrated ability to use and manage information (3.4)

In the first week of my 6-months experience at Presien, I was tasked with learning the ins and outs of the system, from both the hardware and software perspectives. Even though I was already in the final year of my Mechatronic degree, the workings of a real mechatronic product still baffled me at the time. There was a lot of information to take in: hardware-wise, many components were used, from single-board computers, IC boards and custom circuit boards; and software-wise, the product’s main code was complicated, built by many people and used multiple programming languages, some that I was not familiar with. Knowing the complexity and quantity of information at hand, I broke it down to smaller chunks and planned out things that I needed to learn. After six months, I have now developed numerous pieces of software for the company, written in languages that I was formerly oblivious to.

  • The ability to manage your own performance in a professional environment (3.5)

With past experiences related to programming and developing software for projects of sizes from university-level to programs that are installed in thousands of products, the ability to manage my performance has been critical. I am capable of keeping track of progress, deadlines, and deliverables. Daily use of progress/tasks checking software such as JIRA has also made me competent in tracking my productivity. I am also familiar with writing weekly and monthly reports, as well as receiving feedback from supervisors, thanks to my recent work experience at Presien.

  • Demonstrated ability to work as part of a team and to show leadership when required (3.6)

I have demonstrated my teamwork and leadership skills in both the university and workplace environment. At Presien, as a start-up, we work closely with our customers to make sure that the features that we add to our products will fulfil their needs. However, this sometimes led to a messy situation where we have conflicting requirements from different customers; and software versions that are built specifically for one customer and are hard to track. Recently, I proposed that the company should go through software features before adding them to the next release, determining whether they are needed or not. I took the initiative and created a spreadsheet for us to compare these features quickly and hosted a meeting with our engineers and my supervisors. The meeting went exceptionally well, and everyone found it to be helpful. My supervisors decided that we should start using my spreadsheet and method of choosing features to organise the software release process better.


Thank you for reading my application. I am happy to answer any questions and attending an interview for the role. Please contact me at, or through my personal number 0410397328.


Kind regards,

Tony Le